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Online Betting is growing at a very fast rate in Australia and with the biggest punters in the world when it comes to placing a bet, it’s easy to see why. A very small percentage of punters actually make any money, so we are here to try and help all our visitors become part of that elite group.

We have hired experienced punters to give you the latest scoop on big races, as well as AFL and NRL. We’ll shortly be hiring even more writers to cover more sports too.


Online Bookmakers


TAB is the most common way to place a bet for punters, but the shrewd punters are betting at Online Bookmakers. The reasons why are much better odds, a huge amount of markets to bet on and enticing free bets and deposit bonuses.

We have very close relationships with all bookmakers, so if any of our visitors have a problem, we can help you in solving any issues. 

Value Betting

The majority of punters don’t bet without too much thought, and that’s fine if it’s just a bit of fun. However, if you’re serious about trying to hurt your bookmaker, then you need be sure you are getting value on any bet you have.

Ideally, you should be concentrating on sports you know really well and stick to that. Of course, study other options too once you’re happy you have an edge in the original choice.

You can check out our Value Betting Guide which explains how you can get the mindset of a smart punter, and join the elite punters who are consistently making profits.